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    Rule Breaker 101

    Post by Lucid on Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:30 am

    Rule Breaker is a role-playing board created around Type-Moon works and nasuverse. Our community is rather small but hopefully the dedication will make up for that. We have been open for couple years now and currently there are no games going on.

    Our old wiki which hosts rules for an unfinished roleplay system. It's not going to be updated anymore but it might be useful for something.

    IRC Channel
    You can find me there under the nickname Grimwind. The channel can be used to hang out in general or speed up the process of private in-game events and such. You can google some guides on how to use IRC. mIRC is a good stand alone program for beginners or ChatZilla an extension to Firefox.

    Rule Breaker's official IRC channel.
    #rulebreaker @
    Official Rizon site. It has some info about IRC and such if you're new to the term.

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