After the Holy Grail War


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    After the Holy Grail War

    Post by Belmont on Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:19 am

    Under the pitch black sky stands a lone girl playing a sad melody with her ocarina. The fading moonlight makes her figure stand out.


    The man approached his Servant, he had to talk with her now that he had the time to do so.

    "Hey, are you listening Saber?"

    He continued to talk to her with no success, the girl was lost deep inside her thoughts as the melody she was playing had lost its rhythm.


    After finishing her melody Saber finally recognized the voice calling out to her and she turned around to talk to her Master.

    "Are you feeling alright? You don't usually get lost in thought for so long and I also feel a certain aura of sadness coming from you."

    Not many times did he worry about someone, most of the people he worried about had betrayed him.

    "Yes, I am fine Master, I was merely thinking about the people I've killed since I was summoned by you. I feel that I am changing slowly with each passing hour."

    He was not surprised by her declaration, he had always felt that she deserved change in her life for all that she went through in her previous life and that is why he had forced her to go against her own will.

    "That is good to hear, you should accept this change in order to free yourself from your old self that is constraining you. I came here to talk to you about that."

    Traveler sits next to Saber.

    "When I first summoned you to this world you told me that your wish is to learn about human nature. I have made you do several things which go against your morals in order for you to experience things you never could in your past life. This should help you comprehend more about human nature. There are still many things to do but you should already have a better understanding than before, am I not right?"

    Saber is not surprised about her Master's words, she would accept whatever plan he has for her as thanks to him she is experiencing things she never could in her previous life. She is grateful to her Master for allowing her this chance.

    "I cannot deny it, I already know more than I thought I could and all of this was in just one day. Thanks to you I am able to experience "life" again, which is something I thank you for."

    Traveler is happy with her answer, he was hoping she would understand his actions.

    "All my life I have been alone, my parents died to the hands of Enforcers from the Association while I was young. I entered the Clock Tower in order to fill the void that was my life - but even that was refused as a certain family did not approve of me refusing to join them, forcing a Sealing Designation upon me thanks to their extensive network of contacts. I lost everything at that moment again and I started to hate humans. I was forced to keep running from the eyes of the Association until now... but if I can obtain the Holy Grail I will be able to restore my lost freedom, which is what I long for."

    He gazes far away into the sky while talking to Saber.

    "Saber, do you not wish to stay in this world after the Holy Grail is over? With your help my goal is within reach and I will not have to use the Holy Grail, I will instead give my wish to you so you find the answers you have been looking for. You will not have to stop living in this world and both our wishes would be granted."

    Saber stays quiet and thinks about her answer when Traveler suddenly stands up.

    "Think about it, you do not have to answer yet. Even though I have only known you for less than two days you are one of the few people in this world that I can call trustworthy, it would be a shame to lose you."

    Traveler does not wait for the girl to answer as he heads back to his room, a long day awaits him and he must prepare for it.

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