Day One - December 14th


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    Day One - December 14th

    Post by RMX on Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:43 am


    Now that I know the situation Fuyuki city is in during the Holy Grail War I have to think of a strategy. My Servant told me that there are ears and eyes everywhere, which was not very wise since the growing sense of paranoia is not going to help me at all. If anything, I can foresee that the other participants are going to be cautious and not break into everyone’s home guns blazing, killing everyone in their path and hoping to strike a Master down. At least that’s what the priest’s note promised. Until then, I’m going to restock on any supplies I might need. The Servant advised me to be with him all times, but he didn’t mind me being on my own as long as I took some precautions.

    However I also believe that everyone else in this game called ‘war’ is already at least one step ahead of us. We should check out the city to get a glimpse of the current status of things, but I decided I would only hinder my Servant’s superhuman qualities, so I asked him to scout away while I slept during the day since my safety wouldn’t be compromised for long. He agreed, and when I woke he was gone and no signs of him coming soon.

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