Morning time.


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    Morning time.

    Post by kaede on Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:43 am

    The living room phone started ringing at 6:00 the current resident, an eighteen year old girl, was currently sleeping in her bedroom.

    The phone rang a few more times before going to the answering machine.
    “Kaede? Fujimaru? Are either one of you up? It’s me your father” The man on the phone sighs and mumbles something unintelligible.
    “Anyway your mother just wanted me to tell you that we have arrived in Kyo…”

    Suddenly the machine is smashed by a growling 10ft dogs claws. After he makes sure the device is destroyed he walks back to his master’s door and dematerializes.

    At the sound of the crash the girl in her room wakes up and slowly got out of bed. Shivering a little she wrapped her body in a robe and leaves her room and walks in the direction of the kitchen stopping to look at the smashed phone.

    She sighs and mumbles “damn it...well at least I don’t have to explain this to mom again.” Sighing again shakes her head and continues her trek to the kitchen followed by the dog.

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